A place of bounty,
Of cool things to do
Come look and see
What's in store for you
For the past 19 years Camp Magic has operated in Singapore as a top quality
holiday program for children 3 12 years. Our first priority is safety, and fun
a very close second!

The program was founded and created by Canadian performance storyteller, artist, and educator Katherine McLeod.
Before Camp Magic began, Katherine's company offered drama programs and performances at various international schools in Singapore and throughout Asia and Australia. She quickly began to recognize the need for children to have time away from the school routine where they could engage their imaginations fully. This break from the outer world, and attention to ones inner landscape frees the child from limitations - where everything becomes possible. A deepened sense of self-confidence is soon discovered, and an innate belief in ones strengths, desires, and dreams.
5 years after the company was established and beginning to grow rapidly, Katherine's husband Bruce (who is also a storyteller and educator) came on board as the operations director and art program head.
Now Bruce steps in each program as artistic director and main storyteller, while Katherine works on the creative direction. Together, they work as a team to bring you the very best in holiday care that is
both educational and fun.

Katherine and Bruce pictured here in Vancouver, Canada after spending over two years cycling
and hiking around the world. Their lives have always been filled with travel, adventure, and spending time
in nature with family! Much of the inspiration behind Camp Magic comes from these experiences.

Over the years, we have had endless emails from parents who have been moved by what their children have experienced.
It is their feedback, and the steady flow of happy children that motivates us to continue doing what we do.

Below is a collection of photos that will help you to understand a little bit more of how we have evolved the magic over the past 19 years!
Intergalactic Space cowboys and cowgirls on the move!
One of our many Monday afternoon opening shows.
"Hands in the Middle" finishes up every day with
Bruce Home, our Operations Director
Many children come to camp year after year, enjoying both the camaraderie and development of new skills Soccer has always been a
very popular part of our
outdoor program
Musician Angela Mee Lee was our first songwriter at Camp Magic, and singer/actress Carly Cole was our first Craft Queen!
We started bringing in "guitar exploration" at Camp Magic with musician and actor Linden Furnell in 2010 At camp, the children always end up hanging out with everyone, making many new friends along the way
Clown, unicyclist, and master juggler
Willy Badger was our first circus facilitator who taught us all how to juggle with plastic bags!
Goalie gloves on, it's time to go! Many mothers and fathers have learned to Hula Hoop at
Camp Magic, starting in 2011
Our Story Art pieces began in 2002. The children look forward to adding something new each day. There is always time to simply be with our friends outdoors, hanging out and being wonderfully silly.
Drums and rhythm have been an integral part of the Camp Magic experience from the very beginning. We now have over 50 drums to choose from! There are just moments like these,
when a child becomes completely present with learning a new skill.
Improvisation during story time with Katherine has been a favourite for
many children over the years.
The Friday performances have always presented
some very cool opportunities for parents. This has
been our trademark from the very beginning.
Flags were originally brought to Camp Magic 7 years ago
by Alberto Martinez. He helps children tap into their strength and power with this activity.
We took this photo 11 years ago,
and it still makes us smile whenever we see it. Happiness captured!
Matthew Noone committed three years to helping us develop our story program at Camp Magic. We can't thank him enough. Fernanda! Actress/Drummer
Rita Superbi and the infamous Mexican dance character brought to life during the Sombrero of Fun.
Stilt walking was brought to Camp Magic with the assistance of actress Cinzia Ciarmicolli in 2007. She also helped to design some amazing costumes! Our outdoor openings are enjoyed by parents
every Monday morning. This tradition started
at the Caravan of Fun in 2009.
Benji and Ashley were a creative duo who truly brought Friday's songs and dances into action, beginning in 2008. There is nothing greater to us as both parents and teachers to see our children smiling and happy. Encouraging children to spin into happiness and wonder is what the Camp Magic experience is all about.
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