KATHERINE MCLEOD (Canada) Creative Director, Storyteller, Drummer JOURNEYS CREW June/July 2014
SOLSTICE CREW December 2014

Camp Magic all started 14 years ago in an emptied out school classroom filled with paints, costumes, re-cycled junk, drums, puppets and 15 excited and enthusiastic children! Today, Camp Magic is thriving in Singapore with over 150 children per week in our June/July program. Due to the success of this program, and amazing feedback from both children and parents, Katherine started up Camp Magic Solstice in December 2010, and in Melbourne (July 2010) and Mumbai (in January 2011). A true traveler at heart, Katherine has spent the past 20 years on the road.
She thrives on meeting different people and experiencing their cultures through language, food, and stories. Camp Magic is a celebration of this amazing world community we share. By giving children the opportunity to connect through stories, Katherine believes that the imagination can be further ripened and revealed to the listener. The story is just the beginning for all the discovery that our Camp Magic programs bring!
Please see her website www.katherinemcleod.com for more information on her performances, workshops, and background.
Ocean Memories My very first memory of being in the ocean was taking swimming lessons one summer in Cape Breton, Canada. Coming from Ontario, we would swim in the Great Lakes never in the sea. So at 12 years old, I dove from the raft, all eager to show off my aquatic skills to the instructor. WOW! What a shock! It literally felt like my whole left shoulder was in a light socket!! I yelled out for help, looked down, and there was a jellyfish attached to me!! The swim teacher sprayed me with an anti-sting thing, and once I calmed down, jumped back in... with my eyes wide open.
BRUCE HOME (Canada) Director of Camp Operations, Storyteller JOURNEYS CREW June/July 2014
SOLSTICE CREW December 2014
Bruce has been helping out with Camp Magic from the very earliest days. He organizes the bus service in Singapore each year, oversees camp operations, and has helped to develop the unique story-art program that is offered at all camps.Bruce is originally from Quebec, Canada. His earliest dream was to be a fireman! He also enjoyed painting as a young boy. Bruce returned to that early love of the canvas 10 years ago. After studying with Australia's Tony Griffiths, the colours began to dance off the brush, swirling and creating beautiful abstract pieces.When it came time to choose a career, he got serious and joined the Toronto Stock Exchange after graduating with a Bachelor of Business Administration. After wearing a suit and tie for two years, Bruce began to exchange his belongings, instead of commodities on the world exchange. He traded his suit for a bike, packed up his apartment and bought a one-way ticket to Amsterdam. Although he visits his Canadian homeland at every opportunity, Bruce has lived overseas for the past 20 years. His passions are storytelling, education (he has worked as both teacher and primary principal at international schools for 14 years!), running, gardening and spending time with his family. He spins tales for children and teachers at schools in Asia and Australia, for his children at home, and each week at Camp Magic.Bruce is a funny, fun, and very helpful person. We love that he helps us to run each program throughout the year. Thank you, Bruce!
Ocean Memories I grew up in Canada close to lots and lots of small lakes. You could always see from one side to the other. My first time to the ocean was spring break in Fort Lauderdale when I was at university. We took a boat from Fort Lauderdale to the Bahamas. I loved the flat, wide open space where I could look out forever. What was out there? I marvelled. What if I got in a sailboat here in Florida and set off for Fiji? Could I get there from this place? Would the Ocean take me there?
CINZIA CIARAMICOLI (Italy) Actress, Performance Director, Facilitator JOURNEYS CREW - June/July 2014
SOLSTICE CREW - December 2014
When Cinzia was little, she wanted to fly. She used to try all kinds of tricks, including flapping her arms with big leaves from the garden. One day she discovered the secret and special dust of a butterfly's wings, and knew that she had found the perfect solution. Gently wiping the dust from the wings and rubbing it onto herself, she, well, she's still trying to fly!Aside from her childhood flight endeavours, Cinzia spent much time in the world of story. Listening to her grandmother spin tales on the balcony overlooking the piazza, or telling her own as a teenager. This led her to working with the Abraxa theatre company in her native Italy. The company specialized in theatre on stilts. After some time she created her own company, Qabaloqua, with colleagues from South America. They also used stilts in their performances, along with Kathakali Indian Dance movements they had trained for.After some time, Cinzia finally discovered the form with which she could fully apply her incredible imagination. She traveled to Denmark, and here trained with the Odin Theatre, where she learned to use her whole body to tell a story. Cinzia continues to work with Odin and is currently working toward a new production under the direction of Else Marie Laukvik.Currently living in Lyon, France, Cinzia has also recently created her own theatre company - Théâtre de la Cour. She has an amazing knack for constructing intimate productions that embrace the audience community. It is these skills as director and performer that Cinzia will be bringing to the children and crew at this years Camp Magic for the forth time. Welcome to Solstice 2014 Cinzia! We can't wait to get started.
Ocean Memories When I was 10 years old my family went to Cornwall, England. This was my first experience at the ocean. My favourite time of day was when the tide was low.
I would wander out, searching for all the little creatures coming out of the sand.
It made me very curious. The ocean could hide so many things! And low tide would give me a tiny glimpse of what lay beneath the waves. I still love strolling out on the flat sand during this time.
ALBERTO MARTINEZ (Spain) Actor, Stilt and Flag Trainer, Assistant Performance Director SOLSTICE CREW - 2014
When Alberto was a little boy, he couldn't hear enough bedtime stories from his father. The joy of listening to tales, hearing his father's voice, and entering into the story spaces that were created. His father is a self-taught musician, and as Alberto got older, he began to tell the stories himself, whilst his father played the flute!When it came to deciding what he wanted to do as an adult, there were so many things he enjoyed... it was so hard to decide. Why not become an actor, where you could be all the things you wanted to be, never having to choose one, but allowing yourself the freedom to be all?Alberto left his homeland, Spain, and studied at the Conservatory of Dramatic Art in Liege, Belgium for 3 years. Since finishing his degree he has worked in both classical and contemporary theatre. More recently, Alberto has started mixing dance, theatre, and music together. He is passionate about exploring different cultures and their forms of performance, always merging what he has learned into his new work projects.We have enjoyed the skills and talent Alberto brought to our last three Solstice programs. His caring and creativeness with the 3-4year olds, soap box stories, and careful direction of flag formations at each performance, Alberto always gives the children and crew 100%.We look forward to welcoming Alberto back to Solstice! He has been with us from our very first Solstice program 5 years ago, and is committed to developing performances and programs that focus on bringing an awareness of the environment and this world we live in to children everywhere.
Ocean Memories I grew up in Spain, and so remember from a very early age going into the ocean. When I was a child I loved the experience of playing in the waves. The image of the Ocean in my mind is a place that is peaceful, strong, mysterious, and quiet.
RITA SUPERBI (Italy) Drummer, Rhythm Diva, Actress, Chocolate and Pasta Chef, Facilitator JOURNEYS CREW - June/July 2014
SOLSTICE CREW - December 2014
When Rita was a little girl growing up in Italy she would play rhythms on anything she could find... walls, floors, tables, objects.Her favourite instrument was a tiny toy piano. Everyday, over and over again, with two little fingers, she would repetitively play the notes, creating a rhythm that would become "endless". Rita now wonders what her neighbors thought about that!Loving to work with her body and hands, Rita studied to become a yoga teacher, then worked as a leather artisan... cutting and sewing different pieces. She says that when we work with our hands, it is a sort of "dynamic meditation".This dynamic meditation was later translated to the drums. Rita remembers the first time she saw the Japanese drums. From the moment she heard the drums and watched the performers, she was hooked. Beginning her theatre studies in 1979, Rita has worked with masters from India, Bali, and Europe. She has trained in circus, stilt walking, and acrobatics.Merging her passion of drums, theatre, and circus, Rita has much she can't wait to share with the children at Camp Magic. Rita shares her thoughts: "Children are free to make discoveries and try new things. It is their big imaginations that inspire me as an artist. In the end, it is the children who are my teachers".This is Rita's third Camp Magic. She is excited about drumming and creating incredible Ocean Rhythms at Solstice this December!
Ocean Memories The first moment I connected with the ocean was running along the beach in Japan. At that time I was training intensively to become a Taiko drummer.
The ocean made me feel calm looking out to the water seeing and hearing it.
Just this past summer after Camp Magic Journeys I went to the Perhentian Islands and saw a coral reef. Once I got used to breathing in and out with a snorkel on my mouth, I started to relax. It really was another world, an underworld, a different life. Fish, coral, seaweeds... I am very attracted
to learn more.

STEPHEN CHEONG (Malaysia) Musician, Ukulele Master, Facilitator CAMP MAGIC CREW 2014
SOLSTICE CREW - December 2014

Stephen Cheong began his career 15 years ago in London, England as an architect! After receiving his Bachelor of Science in Architecture, and whetting his appetite for learning, Stephen then trained to become an ESL teacher. For a number of years he taught English in colleges, both in Malaysia and Singapore... but then discovered THE UKE! The Ukulele awakened an amazing musical passion in Stephen 5 years ago. He not only plays the Uke in a band, but teaches the instrument to both children and adults full time.What Stephen loves most about teaching the Ukulele is that it's a fantastic entry level instrument, that is both fun and accessible to children. He enjoys witnessing, over and over again, the quick connections his students make learning simple chords, that later inspires them to continue their musical education.We have enjoyed working with Stephen for 3 Camp Magics now. He taught Ukulele to our 7-12 year olds, helped us create songs with guitar for our end of week performances, plus delighted in watching the children learn new circus skills! He claims that "Camp Magic gives children a place to learn so many new skills... I just love being there to see and be a part of their excitement".We look forward to welcoming Stephen back to Camp Magic for the fourth time! Let's bring on some Ukulele Ocean Magic!!
Ocean Memories My first memory of the ocean is taking a boat ride with my mother when I was 9. It was on the west coast of Malaysia. I couldn't stop looking out of the boat, and wondering how far does it go down?
JOHNNY GILLETT (United Kingdom) Storyteller, Mime Artist, Performance Director JOURNEYS CREW - June/July 2014
Johnny has been performing and working with children for over twenty years. Originally trained in Mime, Theatre, and Dance, Johnny now celebrates his passion for performance and learning through travelling near and far as The Journey Man. He tells stories to everyone he meets, including the very young and the very old. He sings, dances (mainly traditional Indian dance), plays guitar and drums, teaches drama, plus enjoys painting pictures!Johnny has worked in youth theatre now for several years, directing and coaching older children and teens as they find their own voices through theatre and storytelling. He has also worked at Julia Gabriel with younger children (nearly ten years ago now) and is excited to come back to Singapore to work after living in the UK for the past 8 years.Johnny's passion for stories started with his Mum and Dad, who used to read to him every night. Being the oldest of five boys, he in turn told tales to his brothers. This then grew into telling stories to other people. Sharing stories grew into his passion.He says: "I always wanted to travel. Perhaps being part of a big family in a small house- I wanted to get out and find some space! I originally wanted to be a zoologist- studying animals in the rainforests of the world. But I am more of a performer, so instead I tell stories from rainforests, and deserts, and snow, and woodland, and hilltops..." It sure sounds to us like Johnny gets to travel to many different places.This is Johnny's 7th Camp Magic. We can't wait to see you again and hop on the story wagon of discovery, dreams, and their interaction with performance and community. Thank you, Johnny, for your dedication to our crews and Camp Magic families.
SOFIE SFORZINI (France) Actress, Art Development, Facilitator JOURNEYS CREW - June/July 2014 Sofie's favourite story, when she was young, was the tale of Vasilisa the Beautiful. In this story, a doll comes to life, and helps Vasilisa guiding her through many obstacles that she must overcome. To Sofie, the idea of an inanimate object coming to life was very thrilling. This jump into the fantasy world of a young girl has remained with her to this day.And perhaps it was these earlier stories that guided Sofie to choosing the theatre as her second "home". At 6 years old she already knew that this was the place for her. She feels that this choice has helped to guide and further connect her to body and the wholeness of being.Aside from acting, Sofie also has her Master's Degree in Art Therapy. She is fascinated by how we may connect more deeply to our emotional landscape through drawing and painting.We believe that Sofie, with her interest in art, story, and theatre, is a wonderful candidate for our Camp Magic Crew. That, and her intense desire to collaborate with her fellow facilitators and artists to bring the best program ever to the children.We welcome you Sofie to our Camp Magic home.
JULIA FILIPO (Italy) Actress, Musician, Facilitator JOURNEYS CREW - June/July 2014 Julia started her bio interview by saying that "Her parents and grandparents were not very normal." That's a great story starter, and it got even better as we explored what she meant by this!Her mother is a dancer, and spent much time travelling the world, performing in different places. What Julia meant by "not normal" is that the stories her mother (and grandparents for that matter) would tell her were tales of real life adventures, rather than tales collected from story books. Julia's mother would recount to her young daughter the places she had gone, and the many escapades she had along the road. Julia cherished these stories of travels and performance as a child. When she became an adult the career choice of actress seemed very natural to her. Julia has dedicated much time to studying theatre and now performs, like her mother, around the world - searching for new adventures along the way! Her passion as an actress and musician has taken her to different places in Europe, South America, and now Asia. Julia has a knack for languages that comes in very handy on her travels. She is fluent in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian!One of Julia's favourite workshops with children was in Peru where she created the "Dream Theatre". Here the children would re-create their dreams into a beautiful performance medley.We are excited to welcome Julia to Camp Magic this year as a performance artist, facilitator, and musician. She will be teaching the older children ukulele, along with playing the accordion, guitar, and keyboards to help the children create songs each week. So Julia - let us sing, and dance, and collaborate. That is what we consider very "normal" at Camp Magic!
KEVIN HESS (United States) Musician, Singer, Facilitator JOURNEYS CREW - 2014 We are delighted to have Kevin Hess back to Camp Magic for a fourth time round! Kevin is one of our Junior Facilitators who has a long history of musical inspiration and exploration.Hailing from a family with a Choir Master Mother and Jazz Musician Father, Kevin experienced music at every turn as a child. His mother always gave him the freedom to explore the musical instruments and sounds that interested him. Kevin fondly remembers: "At 10 years old I was bored of piano and wanted to be a rock drummer. My mom just said 'Okay, let's get you some drum lessons'. The next year I decided to be a jazz pianist. My mom looked a little confused but then said 'Okay, let's get you some jazz piano lessons'." Needless to say, the year following jazz piano, Kevin started saxaphone lessons!What he strongly feels is that his mother helped him to understand that music wasn't something you pass or fail... it was simply a pure form of expression. And Kevin, as you have now learned, is a very expressive person!Kevin can't wait to come back to work with us this year. He claims that working at Camp Magic is the "most amazing experience I have ever had. I loved the opportunity to work alongside and learn from such amazing storytellers, musicians, dancers and performers... but most of all, I loved getting to watch the children grow throughout the week."Welcome back Kevin! Your enthusiasm inspires us all.
BROOKE CLUNIE (Australia) Ceramic Artist, Story Board Support Artist, Facilitator JOURNEYS CREW - June/July 2014 Brooke Clunie is an exceptionally talented ceramic artist. She is filled with warmth, generosity, and a desire to share her passion of working with clay.To hold a piece of Brooke's work is pure magic. The colours dance off of her hand thrown pieces, each one remarkable and unique. When asked about her earliest tendencies towards colour and art, Brooke replied "I used to love colouring in as a child. I could spend hours and hours colouring- giving the pictures different shades and hues."Although Brooke's arts degree focused on Near Eastern Archeology, she returned to her earlier passion, clay. Spending her last two years of high school being mentored by her high school art teacher, she took to the wheel again after returning from her travels in Europe.Her most recent mentor has been Jock Schimeld. Brooke claims that much of what she has learned as a ceramic artist has been through watching Jock at work. "He's a beautiful thrower" Brooke states clearly.This Camp Magic Brooke will be assisting children in our outdoor "Clay Play" activities, plus working closely with Katherine to create our new Story Board Art Program. Please see Brooke's website: www.brookeclunie.com to view her work. And if your travels take you to Byron Bay, Australia, do drop into the studio to say hello!
CASPAR SCHJELBRED (Denmark/France) Improvisation Artist, Actor, Facilitator JOURNEYS CREW - June/July 2014
Caspar did not set out to be a performer. In fact, when he was little he really didn't like being on stage, and always wished for the smallest part in the school productions.It wasn't until Caspar was 17 years old as an exchange student in France that he began to observe his thoughts and feelings through writing in a diary each day. This practice led him to realizing, for the first time, that he actually had something to say. One thing led to another, and Caspar later moved to Paris to complete his Masters Degree in the History of Science. A friend invited him to a free trial theatre workshop one evening, and he was immediately hooked.For the past 14 years Caspar has been actively pursuing his career as an improvisation artist, and gaining a fair bit of popularity on the international circuit. He has spent a number of years studying with Ira Seidenstein, and is the artistic director of The Improfessionals in Paris, France.Native to Denmark, Caspar speaks five languages. Besides Danish, he is fluent in English, French, Swedish, and German. Story could be called his sixth language. Caspar was introduced to stories at a young age by his grandmother. Some of his fondest memories are listening to his grandmother tell tales well into the evenings of long summer days in Denmark. Caspar would listen, spellbound by stories of her early life on a farm in Norway where she had 8 brothers and sisters. It is this connection to both story and improvisation that Caspar is eager to share with the children at Camp Magic this June/July. Welcome aboard Caspar! We are all looking forward to learning with you.
GIOVANNA CONFORTO (Italy) Storyteller, Actress, Facilitator JOURNEYS CREW - June/July 2014 C'era una volta... (Once upon a time) there was a little girl who came from Italy, born into a truly nomadic tribe of scientists who travelled and lived in different lands, and shared with their children the magic of these places.Giovanna comes to story very naturally - understanding how place is something physical and tangible outside of ourselves, and something innately joyful that can be explored within our inner landscapes. Growing up in a family of scientists hailing from Italy, but living in Germany, the UK, and United States Giovanna learned from an early age how to adapt to these changing environments through the internal world that story creates.We are both pleased and excited to be introducing Giovanna this year as our Nomadic Storyteller Character Aseela who travels the world sharing stories with children. Although this character Aseela is fictional, it mirrors beautifully who Giovanna is as an artist someone who is innately a part of every landscape through the stories that she shares internationally with children and adults.Giovanna graduated in 1997 from the National Academy of Dramatic Arts "Silvio D'Amico" in Rome, and later received her teacher training. For over 15 years Giovanna has developed her skills with children through theatre, drama, and storytelling. We welcome you Giovanna and look forward to your warmth and enthusiasm at Camp Magic Journeys 2014!
JACK BLACKMORE (United Kingdom) Musician, Junior Facilitator JOURNEYS CREW - 2014 Jack will be joining us again this June/July as a junior facilitator and camp musician. He is currently studying english and drama at Oxford Brooks in the UK, with an eye to acting professionally. From a very young age Jack has wanted to be on the stage. He has a great voice, plays the keyboard with absolute dynamism, and feels completely alive when he is singing and dancing in a musical theatre production. It is this passion to perform that excites Jack about returning to Camp Magic. He enjoys working towards weekly shows with the children, and is thrilled by their enthusiasm to present unique songs and movements that they co-create with the facilitators. The fact that what they perform is "something that actually comes from the children rather than a script" is what really rocks Jack's socks. Yes, Jack, we agree with you totally! And a big warm welcome back. And in the meantime, we wish you all the best as you continue to pursue your dreams as a musical actor.
SAM COOPER (Australia) Junior Facilitator JOURNEYS CREW - 2014 Sam the Man is another one of our Junior Faciliators. It all started last year when Sam joined our team. When asked what he most loved about working with Camp Magic, Sam replied:"I love watching the kids arrive at Camp Magic sometimes knowing nothing about the program, and knowing no one to leaving at the end of the week filled with smiles, friends with everyone, and bragging about all the cool stuff that they have learned to their parents." Sam sees the value of the amazing skills training Camp Magic offers children of all ages. He is an educator in training at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia. Sam believes that when children do things they never thought they could do huge blocks of self esteem are built. In turn, their development is activated on many levels.Last year Sam was our Little Lands facilitator who helped the children create funky stuff out of junk. This year he will be training to lead a group each week.Welcome back to you, Sam! We are looking forward to your contagious enthusiasm and vibrant outlook on life.
JEN MEDAK (Canada) Yoga-teller, Facilitator CAMP MAGIC FESTIVAL FACILITATOR 2014
Balispirit Festival, Ubud, Bali
Jen has dedicated over twenty years of her work life to nurturing the imaginations of children. Originally receiving her degree in Early Childhood Education, Jen now works with children from 3-12 years. She has more recently trained and become a yoga teacher. Her passion in both work and life is Yoga. More and more Jen has been developing ways to merge the ancient practice of yoga with the ancient art of storytelling. We like to call it "Yoga-telling"! This year Camp Magic is sending Jen, once again, to work at the Balispirit Festival in Ubud, Bali. Here you will find Jen working with children of all ages, as she helps them to embrace story through different asanas and poses. So if you are at the Balispirit Festival this year, please take your children to see Jen and listen to a Yoga-Tale or two!
LINDEN FURNELL (Australia) Musician, Actor, Singer, Facilitator CAMP MAGIC PERFORMER 2014 Born into a family of musicians, Linden has been playing guitar and piano from a young age. Growing up in a home with an opera singer mother, and classical pianist/composer father, studying music was a natural choice. At home on the stage, Linden has played for an acclaimed rock band, Olivine, at the Sydney Opera House. He also loves to sing, dance, and compose his own songs.Linden has recently graduated from La Salle College of the Arts in Singapore. Since his final set of exams and papers in early May, 2012 Linden has been in constant demand as an actor and musician. His first post school show was La Cage Aux Folles at The Esplanade, followed by Singapore Repertory Theatre's production of The Cat in the Hat. After his appearance in our Camp Magic Production of My Forest Room at The Esplanade, Linden quickly started rehearsals for another show at SRT. He has had a steady and wonderful flow of work since graduation.Originally from the Blue Mountains, Australia, Linden has that special ability to infuse a room with excitement and of course, a connection to music. We can't wait for him to infuse us with some more amazing guitar and singing in our future Camp Magic Productions.
AMANDA SANDOVAL (Philippines/France) Actress, Imaginator, Story Movement Artist, Poi Trainer, Facilitator CAMP MAGIC PERFORMER From a young age, Amanda enjoyed making up her own stories, and re-creating the characters through voice and movement. Parting with this love of stories, role play and her dreams of stage stardom, Amanda studied business management. Shortly after receiving her degree from the Ateneo de Manila University, she re-connected with her earliest passion. This was ignited partly through the memories of seeing her uncle on stage when she was very young. Knowing that a career as a stage actress was indeed possible, Amanda began working towards her Masters of Theatre Arts at the Universite Catholique de Louvain. She is now happy to say that she has completed her Masters Degree!Amanda dedicated three wonderful years to working with Camp Magic, both in our June/July and December programs, plus performing in our last Camp Magic Production of My Forest Room.For now she is dedicating her time to developing a theatre company based in Paris, and taking care of her new baby! We wish Amanda the very best, and look forward to working with her again in the future.
WILLY BADGER (Canada) Unicycle and Juggling Coach, Facilitator INTERNATIONAL CREW Willy has joined us at Camp Magic for the past two years. Always patient, perky, and friendly, Willy is the ultimate team player who is there to serve and help the children wherever needed.The call to adventure for Willy Badger all started when he was working as a clown in Vancouver, Canada. It was there that he was recruited to perform at a Scottish Castle in Japan!However, he claims it all really began when he was the class clown in primary school. One of his earliest stage appearances was in grade 5. His teacher gave him the role of Prince Charming in Sleeping Beauty. Willy arrived on stage with his modified tricycle horse, purposefully tipping it over. The audience roared with laughter, and Willy's career as clown was well and truly born.After receiving his BA in Drama from Bishop's University in Quebec, Willy taught drama for three years, then moved out to western Canada. Here he joined a traveling performance troupe. It was during this time that he began working at the Scottish-Japanese Castle. An award winning, multi-lingual performer, The Willy Show has been featured at many different venues throughout Japan and Canada.Willy is currently living in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He is doing what he does best- being a clown, performing around the province, and developing new and amazing programs for children.
SHANTHINI VENUGOPAL (Malaysia) Actress, Singer, Puppeteer, Facilitator CAMP MAGIC PERFORMER 2014 After working in our Solstice program this past December, Shanthini really enjoyed her experience with both children and crew. She is excited about working with us on our next Camp Magic Production Performance - Dahya's Gift.With over 20 years in the theatre industry, Shanthini comes to us with a wealth of experience and knowledge. She is a singer, actor, director, and teacher. Shanthini has free-lanced as a producer, stage manager, and props and front of house for various theatre companies in Malaysia since 1981.Shanthini always has a vast number of performance projects and workshops on the go. She is one of the founding members of Kuala Lumpur's very successful children's theatre company, The Jumping Jellybeans (co-created with Cinzia Ciaramicoli). The company has performed extensively throughout Malaysia, England, Denmark, Australia and has participated in International Children's Theatre festivals in Iran, Singapore, India and Germany. All the best Shanthini with the multiple projects you have over these next few months. We look forward to creating a unique and exciting interactive storytelling theatre performance with you soon.
JAKE HOME (Canada) Camp Photographer, Poi trainer, Guitar Player CAMP MAGIC CREW 2014 Jake is our Camp Photographer Extraordinaire, Poi trainer in both India and Singapore, he plays the guitar, leads the lunch-time soccer, plus assists in the art room! Since he was 4 years old Jake has been participating in Camp Magic, and has enjoyed growing into the position of Crew.
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