The Treasure Chest of Fun marks our 17th Camp Magic June/July program!!Each year we journey to different places around the world, giving children an opportunity to travel through their imaginations using a story each week as a guide and backdrop.This story is then explored through art, craft, circus, movement, song, songwriting, saying, clowning, and performance... You name it, we do it! There is a wonderful buzz that rings throughout the walls each week, bringing the groups of children together in a warm, caring, and fun community. In a world where we are at times experiencing more and more separation, Camp Magic seeks to bring everyone together. To give children a place to understand and appreciate our differences, while celebrating the things that we share, and the things that make us unique. This camp is no different. We are excited to bring the children to Five Top Power Places Around The World that will inspire mystery, magic, intrigue, and wonder!
PERFORMANCE This is not necessarily a camp that seeks to train performers. Although we have had incredible feedback over the years from children who have come to our program, and are given the confidence to continue working on stage. The performance provides the community with a common goal that unites each and every group, and creates a supportive, lively experience for the children. We invite the parents to attend each Friday so that they too can enjoy all that has been explored and created! The children are also given an opportunity to experience performance throughout the week by working artists and professionals. This provides the children with inspiration and models tools and techniques that are being presented in the program.

ART AND CRAFT Working with our hands provides a wonderful contrast to the action/body activities the children do at Camp Magic. Art and Craft provides children with an inner place to reflect and ponder, and listen to their interior landscape a bit more deeply. The Art and Craft program activities reflect the story of the week, giving children the freedom to deepen their connection to the story, and their part in it.
STORYTELLING Story, as you've probably guessed, is at the very core of what we do. Each week a story adventure is introduced on Monday. Throughout the week, the story is woven throughout the camp in all the following categories below. Stories open a child's world to boundless opportunities, imagination, culture, and the inner workings of our minds eye. Children love story there is no doubt about that. And re-creating the story is not only exciting it allows the child to re-enter the landscape and learn new things each time. The form of storytelling we mostly work with at Camp Magic is interactive. This gives the children a platform to have voice throughout a story presentation, and gives them a place to further develop their own confidence speaking in public.

PUPPETRY Puppetry is making a come back at Camp Magic this year, bigger than ever. We have not had a puppetry program in 10 years, and are excited to be re-integrating puppets into our week.A group of children will have the opportunity to perform with puppets each Friday, while others will be able to build and work with puppets in the playground. A Playground Puppet Theatre is currently in production and will be adorning our outdoor facility! Please refer to Additional Skills to find out more.
DRUMMING AND RHYTHM We have an incredible variety of drums and percussion instruments available to the children. While only one group will perform with drums and rhythm each week, all children have access to percussion instruments and drums at different times in the week.This year we will also be integrating body rhythm into the program. Children love body rhythms, as it can be done anywhere, anytime, and they can take it home and show off in the school playground!! Children are often very proud of their rhythmic achievements.
MUSIC Music is everywhere at Camp Magic. We play it in group rooms each morning, throughout story performances, and at end of week shows. There is no escaping music at Camp Magic!One group each week also has the opportunity to play the Uke in the end of week performance. We have used the Ukulele regularly for the past 6 years, as it is a perfect entrance instrument, and is fairly simple to pick up a few notes. Also the size makes it easy for children to hold and play!
CIRCUS SKILLS Circus takes what seems impossible and makes it possible. It boosts confidence, utilizes movement, develops unique skills, increases hand/eye coordination to name only a few. We introduced circus to our program 10 years ago, and haven't looked back. It has continuously provided children of all ages with so much joy and enthusiasm for learning. This June/July we are absolutely thrilled to have 3 talented circus performers with us. Shaheen and Shouniez's main skills base is with hoops and poi, but they have branched out in the last couple of years, and their acts and workshops now include batons, mini hoops, staff, and acrobalance. Willy Badger is a clown, unicyclist, and juggler. All three circus performers will be sharing their vast knowledge and skills with the children throughout the camp.
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