By Katherine McLeod
About 10 years ago my son requested a Treasure Hunt for his birthday. It was so much fun planning the party. At the time we lived in a Singapore neighborhood filled with big old trees, rolling hills, bushes, and small apartment blocks scattered throughout the area. Because there wasn't much traffic on the little roads, we were able to organize a treasure hunt that led children all around the estate. The group consisted of 25 children, divided into five groups of five and boy did they have a blast. We started our adventure with a story, followed by treasure maps for each team. The team to find the treasure first won. I don't know if it was the competition or the treasure they were most excited about! But what I do know is that the hunt opened up each child's imagination. Where was the treasure? What WAS the treasure? Who would find it first? And who was going to GET the treasure once it was found? I was so tickled by their joyous exploration of the neighborhood. Some of the children were from the area, while others visiting for the party. But I can assure you that on their quest, each child discovered and uncovered new places they had never seen before. When we are searching for something, we develop eagle eyes, noticing everything. Each detail becomes a possibility. In the end, the treasure box was found. It was an antique Indonesian chest that actually LOOKED like a real treasure box. The moment before the box was opened was the most magic instant of all. Each child seemed to stop breathing for a second or two - as they hesitated in complete wonder and possibility. At this point their imaginations were completely free with ideas and opportunities. When the box opened there was a special cover over top of the contents, and a letter. I quickly took out the letter, closed the box again, followed by groans of "COME ON!! What's in there???" And this was the message I read:
"Travel far, travel wide
The greatest treasure is deep inside"
And then the goodies were uncovered. Did anyone hear that message, I wondered? Was I in fact listening? We all think that the treasure is a wild goose chase, that we need to go here and there and everywhere. And yet each search finishes exactly where we started with ourselves. This next camp is dedicated to the infinite treasure and possibility within. May we all continue to search outside to bring us closer to what rests inside. I welcome one and all to this beautiful space of discovery and magic.
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