Damavand Mountain, Iran

The archer was brave
The archer stood quiet
Then plunged his life arrow
To stop all the riot

Away Arash flew
Became one with the dart
Where did he travel
With that great big heart?
Endangered Animal of the WeekAsiatic Cheetah
Kirkjufell Mountain, Iceland
Kirkjufell's peak
Reaches high to the sky
It is Asgard's portal
For the human eye

The northern lights herald
The tale of a battle
What is the outcome
After the rattle?
Endangered Animal of the WeekIcelandic Puffin

Table Mountain, South Africa
Janus stood guard
On the top of Table Mountain
He watched over the boats
Tabulatin' and accountin'

Who would have safe passage?
Who would be stopped?
And who was the boy
Who couldn't be topped?
Endangered Animal of the WeekOribi
Denali Mountain, Alaska
Yahoo was out looking
For the perfect wife
Not realizing Raven
Would challenge his life

He rose to the race
Paddled quickly that day
What was created
To keep Raven away?
Endangered Animal of the WeekNorthern Curlew
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