Camp Magic Journeys 2020

The Phoenix Chronicles II


A bonus program for children 7 - 12 years. An additional program is included in the registration fee.

DIY Circus Creation Fun

For the first time ever - we are going to DIY!
Each week a “soft circus” prop will be created and used by our older groups in the end-of-week performance.
Week 1 - Juggling Pyramids
Week 2 - Magic Staff
Week 3 - Raise The Flags
Week 4 - Tricky Stickys
Week 5 - Easy PeasyPoi

Creating fun circus objects through hands encourages relaxation and connection, an added experience and challenge for our older group.


The children loved our hip hop program so much last year, we’re bringing it back again this year.

Shouniez – one of our two circus flow artists – represented South Africa in the world championships.  She relishes the opportunity to share her passion for the dance with both boys and girls.
Caps and hoodies will be included this year for the end-of-week performances.


This years Phoenix Chronicles will be sure to DAZZLE you with our collection of glowing flow toys and fluro tape that ignites everything with our black light.

Camp Magic’s flow arts program (that includes hoops, poi, acobalance, plus all the goodies listed in the DIY) has become renowned throughout Singapore. It’s an absolute MUST if you have boys or girls between the ages of 7 – 12 who like a good challenge. 

Flag Formations For Friday Shows!

Alberto the Flag Maestro is back stunning the crowds as he swings those circus flags around.

Flags during our Friday performances are a wonderful way for children to really shine.  There is something exhilarating about running and waving a large flag and hearing it soar through the air. Monday to Friday you’ll get to practice and learn, and then show off what you know to the community.   


Woo hoo!


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