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Camp Magic Journeys 2020

The Phoenix Chronicles II




The year is 2020, and Alessandra, who lives in Athens, has spent most of the year indoors.  As the summer approaches – finally – she is able to go away with her archeologist father to the Island of Naxos.   His team of researchers are visiting Demeter’s Sanctuary, an ancient ruin where new discoveries have been made.

Strange things begin to happen, as her friend Pedro from Mexico drops through space and time, finding himself by Alessandra’s side.  The children are delighted to see each other, and make one of their own greatest discoveries...

Join Alessandra and Pedro again this summer, as they fly with a whole new Phoenix to Islands around the world.  Here they will solve mysteries that connect children to ecology, conservation, and community.

Each week is power packed with wonderful opportunities to educate and inspire. Register today and immerse your family in the magic of discovery and play.



The Chronicles represents the ongoing growth of Camp Magic. We began in 2019 with the explorations of Jace the Phoenix, Alessandra and Pedro.

This year we have decided to create a second Phoenix Chronicles.  It somehow seemed fitting as we lift off a whole new website during this massive year of global transformation.


Meet Delphina, who takes the children to Islands around the world.  Here inspiration takes flight as they are transported over the oceans on wonderful adventures.

Imagination is the key in all that we do at Camp Magic.   When we learn to truly master the art of the mind’s vast inner landscape, anything is possible.  The imagination transcends everything, building strength, resilience, and the ability to solve anything that comes our way – both in and out of school.

The Chronicles is reborn this year to give the children a fresh start to their summer holidays.  We look forward to seeing you soon.

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