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Camp Magic Online Fun


Committed to Creating Safe, Online Community for Children and Their Families


Online Adventure & Discovery


Live Performances & Play
Live Art & Crafting
Live Instructions for Cooking & Baking

Here is our online program that we created and enjoyed implementing in July 2020. We are currently offering live, in person programs only.

Please check back into this space later in 2022!

3 LIVE classes per week that feature performance, play, and active creating.
1.5 hours for each class.
​Follow-up videos and lessons to do on your own time before the next lesson.
An online party, presentation, and cooking/baking class to finish off each week.

Advantages of LIVE Online Programs

Children are inspired to complete projects and learn new skills from the comfort of their own homes or when on vacation.

We all know how tricky it can be for our children to apply focus and follow-through during holiday home learning projects. The Camp Magic Online Crew helps with these challenges, so learning and follow-through is fun and entertaining.

When we complete projects within the energy of online group classes, it is deeply satisfying and memorable for each individual.

Children love learning - together - and sharing their achievements with others. This promotes confidence that is the key building block for all active creativity, inclusive socialisation, and engaged participation.

Camp Magic Fun Direct From Around The World!

Camp Magic Fun Direct From Around The World!

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