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Our Commitment

Our Commitment over the past 20 years has remained the same:
To provide a safe, fun space for children where qualified staff welcome and embrace a child's individuality and creativity whilst working together towards common goals.

And here is our pledge.


Safe For Your Children

Safety, above everything, is the key ingredient. At Camp Magic, the staff are talented and creative, but more importantly, they are well trained to keep your children safe. Our staff receive an intensive training each year before the camp begins. They know how to watch out for and supervise your children both indoors and outdoors.


Interactive and Fun

Fun is a very close second to safety. At Camp Magic, fun is what we do best! Your child will learn loads of new skills, and we assure you - there are an abundance of smiles and laughs along the way.


Run by Qualified Staff

If we were running a camp for dirt biking, we'd hire the best dirt bikers around to share their skills with your children.

 At Camp Magic, we're into storytelling, circus, theatre, drumming, dance, music, art and craft... so we've hired people who are going to bring you an awesome program including all of these things! Each Camp Crew is passionate about what they do plus stand out as caring and warm people who truly enjoy nurturing your child's creativity.


Addresses Individual Needs

At Camp Magic, we enjoy collaborating with the children and creating amazing performances and art shows. However, we look at each child and address their needs as individuals first. Our goal at the end of each day is to ensure that all children feel as though they have been listened to and heard.

A child with a smile as they say good-bye at the end of the day ensures us we've done our job!


A Space That Welcomes

We believe that environment is everything. Facilitators create a new atmosphere in their rooms each day; fresh flowers, a colourful, candle-lit circle for sitting around, printed and embroidered fabrics adorn the walls and ceilings, while inviting background music plays along. The children automatically feel curious and welcomed into the space.


About Creating Community Through Common Goals

Programs that create common goals create an atmosphere of working together as a harmonious community. At Camp Magic the children work together to create an art show and performance for the end of the week. We welcome parents into the space on the last day, and this helps us share with our families that feeling of community that has been created throughout the week.

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