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Photo Gallery

A Quick Peek at a Camp Magic Week! Each picture tells it's own story - whether it is a child discovering how to spin a plate, parents jumping up and joining in, someone making a new friend, or crew who give generously of themselves each and every day.


We love performances at Camp Magic! Watching them, rehearsing for them, and partaking in them. Even parents enjoy getting up from time to time to join in our highly interactive shows.

Circus and Flow

When children arrive at Camp Magic each morning, ample amounts of circus equipment is set up and ready to go! There is plenty of time to explore the materials provided, and build up skills at different intervals throughout the day.


What would camp be without the engagement of sport?! Our outdoor program provides abundant time during morning and lunch breaks for children to play ball.

Art and Craft

The art and craft program is extensive at Camp Magic and changes each program. We have done a lot of wood working, weaving, basketry and clay making to name only a few. Drawing and painting is a daily feature. Our facilitators are always coming up with new ways to add texture and colour to the Camp Magic experience.