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Our Story

Camp Magic began 22 years ago in an emptied out classroom during the summer holidays.  We filled the space with drums and fabrics, paints and puppets, music and story.
20 years later, we continue to empty out classrooms over vacation time to help children build broad imaginations that will prepare them for the future.
Camp Magic - A Place to Grow

Camp Magic – Building a strong future for our children, one story at a time

Children are by nature resilient and robust.  As educators and artists at Camp Magic, our job is to continue nurturing imaginations so that children can continue to strive in all that they do, in and out of school, and later, in and out of the workplace.

It all begins with a story. And through each Camp Magic story, we seek to elevate the children, taking them to amazing places, whilst at the same time creating a space to ground down, learn new skills, and build community and friendship.


Here you will find a vast selection of options available to your children. There is something here for everyone.

JOURNEYS Summer Holiday Program 
For children 3 – 12 years


Our weekly program (International) 
For children 4 – 12 years

For children 5 – 12 years


Camp Magic Founder

Katherine McLeod is the original founder of Camp Magic.  Her background is in both theatre and education.

She started working with children in her late teens at a camp in Northern Ontario, Canada.  Here her imagination ripened, surrounded by trees and forest, campfires, stories, and songs.

She was fascinated by the way children were transformed within a week.  Often arriving with some trepidation, the campers would quickly immerse themselves in the activities and community of the camp.  By the end – running into the arms of their parents – delighted by their experience and bursting with stories.

This is the very essence of what her programs have always strived to achieve – helping to build strong foundations outside of school that enhances every aspect of a child’s life.

Although Camp Magic is offered within urban environments, Katherine has somehow discovered a way to bring the world to children through imagination.  The camp space offers an “oasis” as many parents have called it.  A place for children to create freely and open up into the imagined worlds.

As a performance and visual artist, hand drummer, educator, and director, Katherine has mastered the art of creating safe, creative, and happy places for children.  She continues to delight in designing incredible programs that endure long after the performance at the end of each camp week.

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