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Camp Magic Festival Fun

Camp Magic has always enjoyed helping out at different festivals.  Over the years, we have had the opportunity to perform and run workshops at various venues within different communities.

Are you searching for a group that can come and liven up a children’s area and make your festival more family friendly? Would you like to engage both the festival community plus look at different outreach programs beyond the festival grounds? How about just some amazing entertainment with storytellers, dancers, flow artists, and musicians?
Camp Magic offers a lovely range and mix of activities with experienced artists/facilitators. 

Contact us today to set up an online appointment to explore if our performances and workshops are what you are looking for to funify your next festival!

Camp Magic Festival Fun

Rainbow Flags

We love colour at Camp Magic!  There is a large assortment of rainbow flags that we bring along to festivals. 14 Flags or more really brighten up the festival space, giving participants interactive, dynamic experiences.

Camp Magic Festival Fun

Tish The Rainbow Roller Bird

Meet Tish, the Rainbow Roller Bird who accompanies us to the Festival Grounds. She is a life sized puppet on stilts who flits and flys, bringing colour and delight wherever she goes.


Art/Craft/Circus Tents

Are you wanting to run workshops for children and/or adults? Camp Magic enjoys setting up entertaining, community-friendly story art and craft workshops.

We can also bring along juggling props, spinning plates, poi, hoops, etc. Just let us know your needs, and we’ll provide the fun for all!


Stilt Walkers

We are able to provide stilt walkers at your festival. Would you like some colourful characters to simply walk around the festival grounds carrying special banners? Or would you prefer that the stilt walkers sing songs, juggle, and/or play music on the ukulele?  Let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll do our best to provide you with the best.

Camp Magic Festival Fun

Drumming And Rhythm

Camp Magic brings lots of rhythms to your events.  We are able to run drum circles as large as your space will hold!  Drums do need to be rented/provided by the festival.

Camp Magic Festival Fun

Flow Arts

Two of our full time crew are flow artists who may come to your festival and dazzle the audiences with fantastic hoop and poi routines.  They can even light up an event with fire props!  And don’t worry, these shows are safe, and will keep your venue in tact.

Camp Magic Festival Fun
Camp Magic Festival Fun


On top of all of the activity, Camp Magic is also able to bring along merchandise to sell and make your festival a very lively place indeed.
Three styles of poi, colourful juggling scarves, juggling pyramids, and hula hoops to name a few, depending on your location.

Camp Magic Festival Fun
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