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Camp Magic has had many returning families over the years, and lots and lots of new ones too! The reflections received from parents help us to keep doing what we do, offering the utmost quality in holiday care.

My eldest son has been visiting Katherine and Bruce at Camp Magic for three years. He loves so many aspects of the camp - from kicking around a soccer ball with the bigger boys each morning before camp starts; to painting a story over 5 days (we have on display in our house his main artwork from the last two years of Camp - each piece is so colourful and detailed). Felix also enjoyed watching and listening to the performance artists and, of course, performing himself in the end of week concert. Being a naturally sporty and active boy, Katherine and Bruce have always known just how to let him be himself when he is there.

My youngest son went for the first time last year, at 4 years old.

On his first day he was overwhelmed and would not let his brother out of his sight. The Camp Crew were able to accommodate him immediately, helping him to feel comfortable. By the last day he was centre stage with two big kids in the concert and asking when he could go back!

Caitlin Barrah

Robert and Lukas spent two weeks at Camp Magic over the school holidays. They both got a lot out of it, and became totally involved in the stories. There were very proud to be involved in the performance at the end of each week, showing skills I didn't even know they had!!

Wanda Prieser

Camp magic has by far the most invested team, focusing on spending quality time with kids and encouraging them to try things. Attending repeatedly I could see my kids forming friendships that last beyond the vacation time. And they always come back with many new and creative ideas.

Thorsten Gustav

Camp Magic - what a hidden gem!! Where has it been all our life?

Camp Magic is an inspiring program bringing the best out in my children (Yasmin, James, and Mark). The combination of storytelling, art making, music, performance and a sprinkle of magic was dynamic. They attended multiple weeks, they loved it so much.

Each week my children took me with them on a journey through the story of that week, reciting the story as if it were a part of them. By the end of the week, performance day was filled with excitement and anticipation.

The passion of the Camp Magic leaders touches every child and transforms them into artists exploring the world around them. My kids were given the opportunity to juggle, paint, walk on stilts, perform, sing, dance and so much more.

My children thank you all for an unforgettable journey!

Mirna Barakat


We just wanted to say thank you so much to you and all the staff for the wonderful experience Leo and Noah had at Camp Magic. We were so impressed with the quality and energy of the performance on Friday - the talent and creativity was evident and the fun was infectious. What a great team you have assembled and what a fantastic vibe you all created.

You have turned two very reluctant camp-goers into enthusiasts who want to sign up for December! Thank you so much.



Our 9-year old daughter has attended Camp Magic since she was
5 years old (at least six times). She absolutely loves Camp Magic, and most importantly the people who make Camp Magic... well... magic! Bruce is such a nurturing, calm and funny captain of the ship. As a parent, we enjoy seeing the same group leaders there over the years. Their love for the arts and dedication to children just makes us feel amazing to have our daughter experience the flow of fun, creativity, expression and belonging that is Camp Magic.

When bringing our child in the mornings, we are privileged to experience part of excitement ourselves through the early morning outdoor activities and mini-performances. And it's such a delight to hear the songs composed each time and the performances on the Friday at the end of each Camp Magic week, which the children created with their team leaders. It's pure creativity and passion and joy and this is what we are looking for in a holiday program.

It's unlike any other! Camp Magic is a breath of fresh and creative air in modern children's (and parents') frenetic lives and we absolutely love it!!

Michael Roukounakis


This has been an amazing experience for Maia to immerse her imagination in music, drums, art, and theatre. I loved the end of week arts shows and performances... The art was displayed as if in a gallery, and the special atmosphere was filled with colour and music. It really was magical. Maia begs to attend this summer for the whole time again!

Denise Pardello


Ava and Matthew love going to Camp Magic - and can't wait to get into the car each day to go!


We love stories in our house. And so they always looked forward to learning what the new story is for the week - and sharing it with us at home. They were always so excited for us to attend the performance at the end of the week and show us their art projects - several of which are framed and currently hanging in our home.


We can't recommend Camp Magic more!

Robin Spath

Thank You for Hoopla! Chloe together with her friends Trevor, Vivianne & Lucas really enjoyed themselves. She was so thrilled that she had the opportunity to try different activities like soccer, unicycling, stilt walking & many more. She particularly liked the experience of singing & playing the Uke.

We will definitely be looking out for your upcoming Camp Magic at the end of the year.


Dear Bruce, Katherine and the team that brought Camp Magic into being,

A sincere and great big Thank You! for providing my girls with such a magical experience this past week at Camp Magic! My daughter Katherine loved it, and I have never heard her say that she loves anything before (except for Minecraft, and me (in that order)).

You all showed an amazing amount of dedication, skill and a lot of heart.

Happy weekend, and keep up the great work. If we're still here in 12 months we'll be coming again!

Thanks again, Michelle

I just wanted to let you know how much Maya enjoyed Camp Magic — she has now tried out three summer camps in Singapore and she only wants to go back to your camp next year!

I too have enjoyed and learned much from your Friday gatherings — I appreciate how you involve the parents and remind us to be in the moment. Please keep us posted on any camps for the December holidays.

Thank you, Sujatha

My children love coming to Camp Magic year after year. The program is very versatile, from storytelling to arts and craft, singing and there is always an element of learning a new skill, be it playing the Ukulele or a type of circus art.


But what strikes us most of all is the holistic way in which Camp Magic is run. The values of kindness, acceptance and unity are brought closer to the kids in a fun and interesting way. In fact the entire family is involved on the last day during the week's performance and it is so much fun being part of this "Camp Family".

The group leaders have been coming back to Camp Magic for many years and especially for my kids it feels a little like coming home each time we return.

Stephanie Schueller


As a working Mum, school holiday programmes are important to me and there are a plethora of them out there for my son Kai to attend. He has been to many but none quite like Camp Magic.


Camp Magic is not your usual school holiday programme or camp - in fact I would go as far to say that it is entirely unique and one of a kind. The warm, personal approach given by both Katherine and Bruce, not to mention the entire team, made Kai feel welcome from the very first minute he arrived and made me feel like I was leaving him in professional and supportive hands.

Katherine Warner

Over the years, my three children have enjoyed a number of Camp Magic programs and loved every one of them.


It's not just a camp about drama, or music, or storytelling. It's about experience - stimulating the senses through music, movement, art and imagination!

Modesta Levy-Groht

Thank you , Thank you , Thank you my children have had a fantastic week with you all, they have come home every day happy.


Keep up the great work, hopefully see you again next year!


Many thanks for keeping Alex thoroughly entertained for the week. He really enjoyed the unique approach to the camp, as did I. Please send my thanks to all of your team.


Billy had a wonderful time at Camp Magic and I just wanted to say thank you for offering such a fun, creative and evolving programme that built on what the children had produced the day before. What great motivation and ownership for them.


I also want to thank you for allowing him the freedom to be the lively spirit he is and embracing his personality. It was a big step (for me) to let him stay all day but he sailed through it with the guidance of you guys.


My daughter Sakurako really enjoyed her first magical Camp Magic experience! Thank you and all the staff who made her happy every single moment of each day.


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