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Camp Magic Journeys 2020

The Phoenix Chronicles II




Join us as the Phoenix Chronicles bursts open again, igniting the imaginations of children 3 – 12yrs.  Journey with Delphina, Alessandra, and Pedro as they fly around the world to remote, beautiful, mysterious islands – learning about different cultures, ecologies, and natural habitats. From Greece to St Lucia, we’ll travel the globe!

Each story and place is a completely unique experience.

Choose one week or multiple weeks, mix and match,

to bring an abundance of discovery this holiday.


Week 1: July 6 – 10

Welcome To The Beautiful Island Of Naxos, Greece!

From the view of Demetre’s Temple
To the mouth of Zeus’ cave
Delphina is discovered
Alessandra oh so brave

Pedro re-joined the picture
And together they flew and flew
A journey starting in Naxos
The Phoenix Chronicles born anew

Island Flower of the Week



Week 2: July 13 – 17

Welcome To The Fascinating Islands Of The Mauritius!

Aldabra the Tortoise had something to say
He gathered his wits and led the way
Alessandra and Pedro were amused by his riddle
His silly questions, and the way he played fiddle


After spending a week following him to the beach
The children were amazed of all he could teach
They learned of caring for the sea and creatures within 
Who knew a turtle had such a tale to spin?

Island Flower of the Week

Trochetia Boutoniana


Week 3: July 20 - 24

Welcome To The Charming Islands Of Fiji!

Viti Levu’s waters are clear and blue
The children noticed as Delphina over it flew
But they didn’t stop on the beach to play
For up in the highlands is where they would stay

A week in a hut on the hillside each night
Alessandra and Pedro learned of the villager’s plight
They soon understood the people and the land
And why with de-forestation it was time to take a stand

Island Flower of the Week



Week 4: July 27- 31

Welcome To The Intrepid Isla Isabela In The Galapagos!

The Galapagos Penguin is cute and it’s small
Fernando was both, who chatted til night fall
Day in and day out, the children followed him round
His stories and tales making continuous sound

They learned of things to be done
To save this endangered crew
Giving them hope and courage
Before the week was through

Island Flower of the Week

The Passion Flower


Week 5: August 3 - 7

Welcome To The Stunning Island Of St Lucia!

The Pitons of Saint Lucia
Are a mighty plug
Lava domes hovering over
They seem quite smug

But when they spoke to the children
Their words were so wise
And with this new knowledge
A plan could devise

The best way forward
For our world today
The Phoenix also helped them
Hip Hip Hooray!

Island Flower of the Week

The Rose

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